The Gruffalo

  • Book: The Gruffalo
  • Author Julia Donaldson
  • Illustrator: Axel Scheffler
  • Publisher: Puffin Books
  • Learning target: animals and body descriptions in English.
  • Age: 5 (not afraid child) on +

The book

The Gruffalo is a rhyming story for children written by the English author Julian Donaldson. You can meet the author here. Teaching with The Gruffalo is much fun. You should try it.

The mouse said, “Gruffalo, now you see, everyone is afraid of me! But now my tummy is starting to rumble, and my favourite food is … Gruffalo crumble.

Online exercises to learn English with The Gruffalo

Here they are some great online language exercises related to the book for kids who can read already. Have a look!

  1. Name animals and identify partes of the body here and here
  2. Parts of Gruffalo body here
  3. Listen and choose the picture here.
  4. Listen and complete here
  5. Listen and match here

Julia Donaldson and her husband Malcon Donaldson reading aloud of the book. They are so fantastic! 🙂

The film

The Gruffalo is a 2009 British-German short computer animated TV film based on the 1999 picture book written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. We have watched that so many times here at home we can say that it is totally faithful to the book. It is available in Amazon Prime.

Have a look at this page here for more information.


Give your children the opportunity to play online with the story.

Have a look at here

Finger Puppets

Print, cut and play finger puppets here.


Gruffallo mask here and Mouse mask here.


Gruffalo’s child jumping jack here . For more ideas click here.

Writing and Speaking

Children listen and write the descriptions OR Children watch and describe the Gruffalo orally.

There are lots of idear other ideas in this site here. From there I selected this Story elements here .


  1. This listening activity here works with rhymes and animals from the story. Ask them to try to do before listening and then they listen and check.
  2. Print this page here , cut the picture and as children to organize the animals in the order they appear in the story.

That is all! Hope you and your children will find lots of interesting free time with Gruffalo.


Source: The Gruffalo site, Rubber boots and elf shoes, Live worksheets

Buy the book

  • To buy it in UK click here
  • Pour acheter le livre en France, cliquez ici.

If you want to read the book before you buy it you can have a look at here .

Author: Sue

A language teacher, a researcher, a wife and a mother who loves reading, writing, gardening, dancing and being alone sometimes. For me, language is a strong part of our identity and I am sociolinguistics enthusiastic in and outside the classroom.

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